Royce Woods
Electronic Portfolio


Personal Statement

Who am I?

I am Royce Woods, a junior at the University of Akron. My current academic foci are Economics and Mathematics. With the skills I’ve developed, and will continue to develop in these disciplines, I will undoubtedly be well armed for the future. These invaluable tools will allow me to traverse the treacherous terrain of the future, and reach my goals.

My Educational Goals

Currently, that entails continued success in my undergraduate studies. By spring of 2011, I hope to graduate with a major in economics, and a minor in mathematics. At that juncture, I will either consider pursuing graduate studies in economics, or law school. Given my current areas of study, I will have a myriad of options at the conclusion of this phase.

My Career Goals

Given the alternatives I must choose from above, my career options will vary greatly as well. I’m fortunate to have chosen fields of study, and have an aptitude for such subject matter, that will afford me a wide array of opportunities in the future. As time progresses, I’ll be sure to refine my aspirations, such important decisions require careful deliberation.
In Conclusion

Through shrewdness, hard work, and determination, I’m sure I’ll attain happiness in the end. After all, success is only a means to acquire the ultimate goal. In all my endeavors, I’ll be true to myself and, at the same time, never forsake others. By remaining focused and determined, while maintaining a certain measure of benevolence, I will be sure to reach my potential.