Andre Ferreira
Electronic Portfolio
The University of Akron

My Electronic Portfolio

Personal statement of education and career objectives




Since I was little that I always dreamed about being an economist. I loved everything about economics, like discussing our political and social problems, and discussing what would be better for the world in an economic perspective.

Besides this dream of mine, I am a person who likes to earn my achievements, making myself deserve everything I get.

I am also a basketball player, and I love sports.


Educational Goals


On an educational perspective, I would like to double major in Economics and Business Administration with a final GPA of 3.5 or higher and also get a masters after I get both of my bachelors.

I also want to be on the Dean’s List every single semester, which is something that I can be proud of, since I have done it every semester so far.

My current GPA is 3.5 and I have been working very hard to keep it that way.


Future Career


My goals for my career are a little bit complex.

I want to keep my dad’s company, which is a air-condition for buses company, situated in Portugal, Europe, since it has been his life work and investment.

I would also like to work in New York City, either in the stocks market, or in a bank, where I would be able to use my major, economics.

I currently have a small amount of stocks on a soccer team called Sport Lisbon Benfica, and I would like to expand those, earning more profit out of them.