Dare E. Heisterman

Electronic Portfolio

About Me

My name is Dare Heisterman. I was born in Miami, Florida and lived there until we evacuated becasue of Hurricane Andrew. We moved into Stow, Ohio where I lived the majority of my life. I decided to attend the University of Akron when I graduated high school and study business. I became very interested in business from my parents owning their own business and from working. After i took my first economics courses I knew that economics was the right major for me. It allows me to learn aobu

My Educational Objectives

My main educational objective is to learn how to think through and solve problems, as well as learn how to think more like an economist. I will strive to complete my Bachelors degree and take as much knowledge out of the classes I take as possible. I will also be looking to pursue a Masters in Economics or a Masters in Business Administration. I enjoy becoming more educated and especially applying this education to the world around us.

My Career Objectives

I am currently doing an Internship at InfoCision who is the recognized industry leader in Tele-communications. I have had the opportunity to see many aspects of their business and see what might be best suited for me. I enjoy what I am doing and also see that I am a well rounded individual and could fit in well doing many different jobs at a company. I would love to have the opportunity to work at the Federal Reserve and really get an inside look at our monetary system as well. I feel my career goal is to become financially stable enough to not have to rely on an institution for income, but be able to live off the cash flows that my investments are attaining.