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About Me
My name is Eric Tannehill and I am a student at the University of Akron.  I am twenty-one years old and have been a resident of Ohio for my entire life.  I consider myself to be a person who strives for constant mental stimulation; there must always be something keeping my mind at work. 

My Educational Objectives

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree with a double major in economics and psychology.  I take satisfaction in being challenged academically, which has most recently inspired me to persue the study of higher mathematics.  When I graduate I plan to begin working in a graduate program in economics.  I wish to obtain either a Masters or Doctoral degree because I believe I can learn a tremendous amount of information along the way, as well as having the utmost qualification upon entering the work force.

My Career Objectives

Everything I have worked for is leading up to finding a respectable job so I can live comfortably.  That is what inspires me to work hard.  After completing my education to the best of my ability, I plan either taking my talents into the private sector in the area of economic forecasting and analysis or to become a professor of economics at an upstanding university.  I believe that with the appropriate qualifications I may find myself in both areas at some point in my life.