Kevin M. Gryskewich  Economic Portfolio

Who am I?

            My name is Kevin Gryskewich and I am a soon to be graduate at The University of Akron.  I am currently enrolled in two economics classes.  (Macro Economics and Computer Applications for Economic Analysis)  I am a very well rounded student and I am very active on campus.  I told Micro Economics last year and was very interested so I decided to continue my education in the Economics department.


My Educational Objectives.

            Currently my educational objectives consist of succeeding in the classes I need to earn a major in Economics.  Of course another objective would to get good grades along the way.  I also need to learn how to operate all the different computer programs that will help me succeed in Economics. 


My Career Objectives.

            I work at my dad’s personally owned T-Shirt printing company.  I have learned essential skills on how a small business works and how to help keep them running efficiently.  I plan on doing an internship at a business just to see what economist do all day.  After that, I would like to find a job that would utilize all the skills that I have and will learn in college.