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About Me
My name is Nick Hissong and currently attending the University of Akron for a major in Corporate Finanace and a potential second major in
 Economics.  I am creative with being a musician, loyal as a friend, and dedicated to the goals I decide to accomplish.

My Educational Objectives
I hope to finish program in Corporate Finance then begin thinking about double majoring in economics, then possibly business law. I would like my educational goals to mirror the future career I hope to achieve. I am currently learning Chinese as to be an asset on the global stage with China’s growing economic stance and possibly do international business. With the fast changing world environment I want my education to help me be a valuable member of whatever field I enter into.

My Career Objectives
  I am not set on a single career, but I hope to end up in a position that I have worked for that will reward my skills adequately in the current market. I have wanted to open up my own business consulting and law firm to help small businesses and other business legal problems. As of recent, I also obtained an interest in politics as well as law enforcement and will keep an interest for other career paths. With a base to expand on I would hope to open up opportunities internationally as time progresses.