Simon Beck
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About Me

            I am currently a junior at the University of Akron in the Economics Department.  I am also an active student in the Department of Modern Languages, where I study French and German.  I have chosen economics as a major due to my fascination with the movement of society around the world and the decisions that individuals make which affect our everyday life.  I believe that the study of economics greatly helps to explain these details through a logical process of analysis.

My Educational Objectives

Presently, I am on track to graduate within the next two years from the University of Akron with a B.A. in Economics and potentially a supplementary degree in a foreign language.  After graduating, there are many options before me: I would like to pursue either a law degree or a graduate degree in economics, or if an intriguing career opportunity presents itself, I would consider entering the job market without a higher degree.  I will also continue my expedition in the languages of the world, thus if an opportunity to study/work abroad were to be available, I would definitely pursue it. 

My Career Objectives

            Upon entering the job market, I will consider many various career paths, both in the public and private sector.  I believe that my skills created by my education and experience will become an asset for many fields and positions.  I have not decided any precise career choice, only that it be a position where I would continue to learn and expand my understanding of the world around me; where I would have the opportunity to guide others on their own educational and professional journey; and that I would be able to use as much as my capacity of knowledge and skills to help whatever the goals of the organization may be.  As long as these criteria are met, I would persevere to succeed at such a position.