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Wyatt Benno

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Eocnomics Rocks

My Educational Objectives:


            The one thing that I must achieve during my undergraduate career as an economics major is the ability to discuss, explain, and understand the economics in my daily life.  By gaining proficiency I hope to become better at making decisions that affect our society and our world. For example, knowing the pros and cons of economic policy makers will allow me to be a more informed citizen.  By being able to effectively articulate what I know about economics to people who may know less or more than myself, I can have purposeful dialogue. A less altruistic imperative is the effect of my education on my ability to be hired. Like many others who seek a higher education, I want my education to positively affect my future.

My Career Objectives

            I hope to work for a company that connects Japan and America. I have lived in Japan for two years of my life, and have gained understanding of the language, writing, and culture of Japan. For my time and effort to be nullified by not obtaining a career that uses effectively my skills would be wasteful. Thus, while remaining open to any career option that utilizes, at a minimum my particular skill set, I hope to positively affect any firm that is willing to hire me. The way I see it, learning a language brings one on par, for career opportunities, with natives of that language. By having other skill sets, in my case an economic background, one can become competitive in that non-native labor market. In a world that is becoming more interconnected a worker who is proficient and adaptable in applications of intercultural affairs, and is useful not in one, but multiple societies seems to be the ideal.


Who am I?

            I was born in Canton, Ohio. My parents were people who were prone to move about. Due to this, I have lived in Idaho, Boston, Chicago, Rhode Island, and many other locations during my youth. I have found that I have had no problem with having a non-static home, which has helped me adapt while living outside of our country.  I graduated high school at the age of 16, and went on a Rotary foreign exchange program to Japan for a year. I came back for a few weeks and then managed a coffee shop in Costa Rica for half a year. Immediately following this I came back and started college at the University of Akron. My initial major was International Business; however, during my college career I have found that Economics was a subject that I better enjoyed. During the start of my junior year I went back to Japan for a semester. This is my only college foreign exchange experience. I enjoy traveling, learning, and the experience of new things. These trends seem to characterize much of my life up to the present.