Nina Johnson-Kanu

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About Me

My name is Ada Nina Johnson-Kanu. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Akron. My interests include reading and writing stories, mostly fiction.My favorite author to read would be Robert Ludlum, author of the Bourne Trilogy. I love to travel and have been to a few countries over the last few years. I speak three languages, although I do not speak two of them as well as I should. I love soccer but unfortunately cannot play the sport, so I reserve myself to watching with interest from the sidelines or from my couch.

Educational Objectives:

I am currently a Junior majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Administration. Upon graduation I would go on to Graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree in Economics and then enter the job market. I hope that at the time of completion of my academic work in school I would possess the skills that would help me be more productive and better equipped to handle the field I go in to in the future.

Career Objectives:

I aspire to have a career in diplomacy or in a related International Economics/Relations field. I would want to represent my country in other places and foster closer ties for her with other countries, thus building a more global climate so that my home economy may have a better chance of competing with foreign firms in the world market. In the end, I would hope to achieve the position of an ambassador to any country I am posted to, preferably one where English is the official language. As a contingency plan, I would want to work in an international organization dedicated to bringing the world together like the United Nations. For years now my dream has been to work for the United Nations and any of her bodies like UNICEF or UNDP. I want to have a career that lets me go to different places and see that I am actually helping people and also learning different things from the different cultures that I may come across.