Andre Ferreira
Electronic Portfolio
The University of Akron
Personal Statment


Personal statement of education and career objectives




 Since I was little, I always dreamed about being an economist. I loved everything about economics, like discussing our political and social problems, and discussing what would be better for the world in an economic perspective.

Besides this dream of mine, I am a person that likes to work for my achievements, making myself deserve everything I get.

Although economics surrounds us on our everyday life, not a lot of people realize what this social science means. I do not want to be a person that understands economics, but the person that understands what economics is really about.


 Educational Goals

 I currently am a Senior going after my bachelor's in Economics. Although I love being a student, I am ready for the real life. Last Summer I took an Internship where I learned a lot of things about management, sales, interviewing and teaching.

Only being there for 5 days, I was promoted from Entry Level to Senior Account Executive, where I was in charge of teaching 8 people and manage them on the best way that I could so that they could be as good as me or better.

With that said, I am very anxious to work, and I would like to do something that could change our society.

I currently manage my own portfolio of stocks, including stocks like CYS, NAT, CNTY and Apple.


Future Career

My goals for my career are a little bit complex.

I want to keep my dad’s company in Europe, probably teaching someone how to manage such a big company, and then I would like to either be a Financial Advisor, or do something related with banking, since I have management experience.

Another thing that I want to keep doing is investing in my retirement through a portfolio like I already am, since retirement is never granted, I want to make sure I will have a successful one, planning ahead.