Benjamin Nypaver's
Economic Portfolio

Hello, my name is Benjamin Nypaver (you can call me Ben) and if you are reading this, then I'm currently in my junior year as an economics major at the university of Akron. Why did I decide to become an economist? Well, I had to take a rather elementary economics class in high school, and I absolutely loved it, so I decided to make economics my career choice. Last year, however, I reconsidered and thought about becoming a business major. Business wasn't the choice for me, however--maybe a good second major or minor, but I really wanted to go back to economics.

What do I want to do with my economics degree? I haven't quite decided this yet--I feel I haven't taken enough classes yet to to even determine if I'd rather go into the private sector or the public sector. I can see myself working for either a big corporation, or for a government agency or bureau.