Electronic Portfolio

Educational Objectives

It is probably evident that my immediate educational goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics but I am also political science major with a French minor.  More importantly, I want to become a thinker and a problem solver.  A college degree is only a piece of paper with ink; it cannot think or answer questions for me.  I truly want to absorb everything I can from my liberal arts education in order to make myself not only marketable as an economist but also as a thinker.  I plan to further my education with a Master’s degree but I am not sure which discipline I will explore. I believe, however, that my economics degree will be a great foundation regardless of the path I choose.  Education has been a fundamental part of my life for 15 years and I cannot imagine a time when I am not learning about this world we live in.  I would rather receive no degree and have an active mind then receive a degree and think that I can now put my brain to rest. 

Career Objectives

As a college student I am always being asked what I want to do with my degree and many times I do not have the definitive answer that people are looking for.  So many degrees, guide a student to specific career but the reason why I love my liberal arts education is that there is not one specific career that aligns with my interests.  My education will give me the flexibility to do a variety of things during my life and that is what is most rewarding to me.  I have no dream job or dream salary.  I cannot fathom what I will find interesting or boring until I am actually doing it.  This also prevents me from getting my hopes up for a career that I may not get or that does not exist.  I want to be excited about my career and that is my main objective.  My other career objective is that in some way, shape, or form I am making a difference and offering new perspectives.  I have not spent years in school to regurgitate old ideas.  I am here to put my ideas to work and offer a unique perspective that only I can deliver.