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            My current tenure here at the University of Akron has led to a better understanding of who I want to be and what I want in the near future. When I first started school I was registered as a Political Science major. I flew through those classes, not really taking much out of them and decided to pursue a minor in Economics. After taking an Intermediate Macroeconomics one semester I decided I wanted to add it as another major. As my undergraduate career beings to wind down I have come to realize that adding Economics as a second major was one of the best decisions I have made.

            My choice to pursue Economics rewarded me with a new challenge, one that required me to think more than just one dimensional. My coursework in economics has left me with a more analytical perspective on day to day events, and often come up with solutions to everyday problems that I would not have before. It has changed my whole mind set about a lot of things, and has opened the door to many more employment opportunities.

            Over the summer I worked at a public think tank called Policy Matters Ohio. It was a very enriching experience that provided valuable insight into the difficulties of policy change. My experience at Policy Matters Ohio made me realize the difficulties of conducting legitimate research. My internship there opened up a whole new door for me to network with. A member of the Policy Matters Ohio board that I have been regularly talking to was previously employed by the Federal Reserve of Cleveland. I have been talking with her about getting a position as a research assistant. I am not necessarily sure that it will be something I wish to do for a while, but it is a foot in the door in the banking industry.

            After school I am really looking to pursue something in the banking or business sector, either public or private. I have been regularly talking to people who work for various private sector banks, and will actively pursue work with them once my class schedule permits me to do so. I would have liked to have already been at some financial institution, but because of how my class schedule is I have not been able to.

            As I finish up my undergraduate studies I was thinking about going to graduate school for economics. Upon further consideration, I have decided to postpone graduate studies to work for a few years, in hopes of finding an employer to pay for my MBA. If everything does not work out with finding a job after I graduate there is a possibility that I will be back at school earlier than anticipated. I am confident my determination and new way of economic thinking will assist me in finding work after graduation.

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