I am Brandon Palmer; I graduated from Jackson High School, located in Massillon, Ohio, in 2009. I studied CISCO networking during my junior and senior year. I graduated with an honors diploma for the career and technology wing of the school. During my senior year was the first time I had an economics class. It really held my interest much more than any classes I had before. That class was a big reason in why I decided to start taking economics classes at the University of Akron. My first class in college continued to hold my interest. It was the introduction course to microeconomics. While not being an entirely difficult class, it confirmed to me that I should continue in the field of study.

Educational Objectives:
             I would like my education to be worthwhile. I hope it will teach me what I need to be a great candidate in the job market. My education, I hope, will also teach me other subjects than economics well enough to be knowledgeable of other situations. In my field of study, it would be incredibly important for me to be able to analyze a situation. I would hope to be able to think through the long term and short term effects of a decision made.

Career Objectives:
             As of this moment in time, I am not exactly sure of what objectives I have for my career. I know, like most people, I would like to be able to support a family with my income. I would also like to be able to know that I have job security at the place that I go. A job that uses my knowledge that I obtained in college would be great.