Cory R. Ando
Electronic Portfolio

Electronic Portfolio

WHO I AM                                        

My name is Cory Ando and I am a current undergraduate student at the University of Akron.  After my first semester of school being undecided in my future, I found an outstanding interest in the field of economics.  Since then, I have enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Akron and I am now pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics.  In the month of May, 2013, I will be eligible to graduate.


As a student pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics at the University of Akron, I intend to learn specific traits of which are necessary to be and ideal economic thinker.  Through the courses and curriculum that I go through, I look forward to be able to look at everyday things and events and to be able to tie them into their economic importance.  I plan to look at a state of economy and individual firms and isolate a specific inquire and give professional, evidence based opinion of the actions that may happen as results of the aforementioned.  If time permits, I plan to minor in the foreign language of Spanish by studying abroad in either Peru or Spain. If this goes as planned, I will be able to look at the structure of a different economy first hand and distinguish the difference between the two that I personally experienced.

CAREER OBJECTIVE S                     

While pursuing my education in economics, I plan to obtain an internship either at the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank or another bank or business as an economic advisory assistant. These specific positions would help me obtain some personal experience in the field and help with my ongoing education. When I complete my education and earn my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics, I plan to work as an economic assistant or as a graduate assistant in the Economics Department at the University of Akron.  While working, I will continue my education at the graduate level.  With yet another higher level of education, I would prefer to work teaching economics at the college level and eventual work at a government position as an economic advisor.