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About Me
I am currently a senior at The University of Akron. One reason I am majoring in economics is to satisfy my curiosity of how the world around me operates. Some of the world’s largest problems can be better understood and sometimes fixed, with the use of economics. I like the way that economics uses facts and statistics to explain the way something is. I enjoy following current events and I believe an education in economics gives me a greater ability to decipher the facts, from what is being said in order to achieve political gain. Also, I have been passionate about the business side of economics for many years. From the time I was a teenager (when I attempted to start an asphalt resealing business), to my summer job of selling sweet corn at the Farmer’s Market in the city of Green, I have enjoyed observing how incentives influence people’s buying behavior. In addition to studying economics, I enjoy  traveling, running, and playing basketball.

Educational and Career Objectives

I think an economics major learns a unique, analytic skill set that will be valuable in a career after graduation. After I finish my undergraduate degree, I plan on going back to school to obtain a graduate degree in economics. Once I finish graduate school, I would be open to finding a job in either the public or private sector.