Gregory B. Churbock
Electronic Portfolio
Educational & Career Objectives

My Educational Objectives

    My name is Gregory B. Churbock and I am majoring in Economics at the University of Akron. I chose Economics for many reasons. One reason I chose Economics to major in is after taking Microeconomics and Macroeconomics I felt as though if sort of came natural to me. Additionally, I genuinely enjoyed both classes. Economics is the science of understanding that we are faced with the dilemma of having limited resources in this world, how do we allocate those resources with the purpose of having the greatest output?  How can I use the resources and tools given to me through my degree in Economics to get the most out of my education and career? This is a small essay that was written to briefly explain my educational and career objectives/ goals. How can I use an Economics degree to take me where I want to go in life?
    My educational goals are to finish my degree in Economics with a competitive grade point average. In addition, it is important to me not just to finish, but to truly learn how to apply the science of Economics to real life so that I am a valuable asset in the world outside of the classroom. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a Masters degree in Business. More specifically, I am interested in a two year MBA program at The University of Akron specializing in Innovation and Technology. In my opinion, Economics is a wonderful bachelor’s degree to earn for those hoping to attend grad school whether in business or whatever they may choose. As for me, learning how the economy works in the short and long run is a valuable tool in business in general.
My Career Objectives

    My career goals are probably a little vaguer because I don’t think most people know 100% exactly what it is they want or are going do for a living at this stage. Currently, I am employed at a family operated and owned business that manufactures commercial gear products for a wide variety of industries throughout manufacturing. I enjoy my outside sales position, and continue to strive to be the best salesman I can be. At this moment in time I’m hoping that a degree in Economics, and in the future an MBA, will give me the tools I need along with real life experience to run our company someday. However, if this ends up not being in the cards for me I’m sure it will give me the tools I need to work in a variety of industries where I could bring a lot of knowledge and value to the table.