Ilya N. Klimenko
Electronic Portfolio
My Objective

My Personal and Educational Objectives:

            My personal objectives are to begin a career in the field of economics. i have spent many years studying the art  and science of economics and fully intend on making it my career.

My major currently is Economics. I have been following guidance from several sources to get me on the right path. Obviously our education is one of the most important things in this sort of economy. So I am making big strides in my education to make sure that there will not be anything holding me back in the future. Of course there will be several hurdles on the way but to grow as an individual you must learn from challenge and change. For example, I have seen several of my close friends graduate from this and other universities and are struggling to find a career. This sort of occurrence makes me worry about my own future and what will happen upon my graduation. Statistically, it has shown that getting a degree will assist you in getting a better job and, on average, increase your annual income. How can anyone argue against not continuing ones education? Myself, clearly I find my own education very valuable to my life and my future. It will give me an edge in the long run and when it is time to pick a career, I will be ready.

I plan on making economics my career and to finish my degree in economics is the first step. There are a few aspects of economics that I feel I will not be successful in. I consider myself a perfectionist, and when it comes to my education and career, my passion and drive to be successful will outweigh any speed bumps along the way. I have thought very long about what I want to do with this degree. My feelings on it are that I would like to do the more analytical side of economics. I take joy in gathering data and analyzing results. Particularly in sports, however i feel given the opportunity I can be succesful and prove to be valuable asset to any analytical team. Not to mention I know a second language and that opens up my possibilities to even working outside the borders of the U.S.

All in all, I have full confidence in myself that my future holds big things for me. Upon my graduation, I hope to start a successful career and continue to grow as an economist.