Joseph D. Johnson's

Electronic Portfolio


My Educational Goals

I plan on finishing my double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. I want to finish the B.S./M.S Applied Mathematics program here that I am in by the Spring of 2015. I believe that the B.S/M.S. program will get me more experience writing research papers which is important because I want to get a PhD in Applied Mathematics after graduating from the University of Akron.

My Career Goals

 Who do I want to be? I want to be a math professor hopefully after I get a PhD in Applied Mathematics. I would like to stay in Ohio to teach but I would be open to other places. I would be interested in doing research in Asymptotics and Perturbation Theory. I am aiming for at least five papers by the time I am thirty. If it were the case that I am not able to be a successful professor, I would change my plans and try and become an economic analyst for a private company or maybe even the government. I want to do these jobs because I believe that I can potentially have the answers to our economic problems and I will outwork and think more critically than my fellow potential economists. It is only when we take on the toughest questions that we advance as a society and I plan on tackling those questions.