Jonathan M. Geiser
Electronic Portfolio

My Educational Objectives

            Who am I?  My name is Jonathan Geiser and I am currently a junior at the University of Akron.  My career at this university has taught me to be valuable in the eyes of an employer.  Experience in the real world can smooth the transition from college to the labor force.  I feel that having at least 2 years working or even interning at a company can enhance your understanding of real world demands from employers.  In order to be valuable, you must commence the right analytical, quantitative and strong computer skills that can ultimately make a difference in making business decisions.  An education in Economics not only gives you these skills, but also allows you to use creativity in analysis and presenting information to employers.  I personally have much experience in the labor force working and have worked my whole way through college.

            I plan on completing my undergraduate degree in Economics as well as a minor in History.  I would also like to go directly to graduate school to achieve a master’s degree in Economics to further my education and to get myself ready for what the labor force has to offer.  I feel that the more education you invest in yourself, the better off you will be in the long run. 

            I have chosen to study economics because I ultimately want to make a difference in society.  I am a very creative person and want to use those skills to what I learn in college and in the labor force.  I also want to provide a good future for myself and my future family.  I want to learn how to manage and invest funds to ensure well-being.

My Career Objectives

Career objections for me are jobs that allow me to use my creativity and analytical skills learned in college to apply them to real world applications.  I could see myself working as an analyst or even upper management.  Over 50% of economists work for the government so this is a path that I am willing to take.  I also feel that the overall knowledge learned can also be applied to starting my own business in the future.  This has been something that I have given much thought and doesn’t seem too far-fetched.  I believe with the right experience, know how, and determination, anything can be accomplished and being economist is something I am working very hard to achieve.