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Educational Objectives

                After graduating high school in 2002, I entered the University of Akron undergraduate program as an Honors student seeking a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry.  I left the University to gain experience and financial security in the labor market during my sophomore year.  I held positions which involved customer service, technical support, physical labor, data entry, administrative and accounting work for small businesses, chemical lab work, peer-mentoring, and development of training manuals.  In the fall of 2007, I began working for S.D. Myers in Tallmadge, staging samples for the analytical laboratory.

In the fall of 2008, I returned to the University of Akron with a renewed commitment to attaining a college education.  In that first semester, I took a Principles of Microeconomics course which gave me a refreshing new perspective on the many important lessons I had learned in the workplace over the previous four years.  I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Economics with a minor in Finance for Non-Business majors.  I have continued my employ at S.D. Myers through three promotions, the most recent of which having began in November 2010, when I became the supervisor of the Administrative department for the laboratory. 

My continuing education has enabled me to apply in depth theory to real world procedural and structural dilemmas and problem solve with confidence and vigor.  I have written a thorough economic analysis of S.D. Myers; proposed and researched cost reduction initiatives, some tied to the principle of economies of scope; been involved in the development of customer service procedures for Key Account Management; developed and cross trained staff members; tracked and reported monthly developments in production activity and efficiency, and have made recommendations on how to maximize output from the Division of Analytical Services. Each course I have taken has provided me with immense insight and gets me closer to one of my ethical goals - to become exceptional in a discipline.

Career Objectives

My Career Objectives are to find a profession which would challenge my intellect, utilize my natural skills, compliment my education, and appeal to me ethically.  Finding a position which challenges me will ensure that I will continue to exercise my mind and will actively develop my potential.  I also wish to use the skills I have developed throughout my lifetime, like organization, math, efficiency, and communication.  These skills enable me to almost effortlessly contribute to any company and provide me with a sense of social value.  A career which will make use of my education will give me a firm sense of direction. This, in combination with the other effects, will help me fulfill another ethical goal – to make a significant contribution towards the successful operation of a company that offers a product I can be passionate about and a corporate structure which supports the greatest good for the greatest number.

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