econ pic Brandon E. Hennen
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About Me
I grew up about 30 miles from Pittsburgh, where I was raised by my parents, Carl and Tracey. I have two brothers, Justin and Hayden, who are both younger than me. I grew up in the country where most of my time was spent outside on a farm. I was a four sport athlete through high school. After high school, I went on to the University of Akron. I initially intended to study Nursing, but decided on a business field, ultimately choosing Economics.

Educational Objectives

My objective is to attain an education from the University of Akron that best prepares me for future endeavors.  I will graduate with a bachelor of science in Economics with a minor in entrepreneurship.  I have also taken four semesters of German to prepare for a possible job in Europe.  I feel that with the classes that I’ve taken previously and the classes I have yet to complete, that my education at the University of Akron will come full circle and grant me the abilities to be successful in any professional position.

Career Objectives

I wish to have a career utilizing my degree from the University of Akron by either becoming a medical sales representative or to work in the banking sector.  Another career that I had in mind was to further my education and to attain status as a registered nurse. I could then either work as a neonatal nurse or commit to a career in hospital administration using both my economics background and my nursing field.  I think either position would make my daily profession one that I would certainly enjoy.