Christopher A. Robinson
My Academic Career

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2007 Fall:
    Descriptive Astronomy
    Principles of Microeconomics
    Beginning Japanese I
    English Composition I

2008 Spring:
    English Composition II
    Intermediate Algebra
    Natural Science: Biology
    Beginning Japanese II

2008 Fall:
    Intermediate Japanese I
    College Algebra
    Cultural Anthropology (Honors)
    Global Business Practices

2009 Spring
    Honor Colloquium: Social Science
    Principles of Macroeconomics (Honors)
    Intermediate Japanese II
    Calculus with Business Applications
    Accounting Principles I

2009 Fall
    Introductions to Philosophy
    International Business
    Quatitative Business Analysis I (Honors)
    Accounting Principles II
    Legal and Social Environment of Business (Honors)

2010 Spring
    Intermediate Microeconomics
    Introduction to Computer Science
    Precalculus Mathematics
    Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

2010 Summer
    Economics of Sports

2010 Fall
    World Civilizations: Japan
    Analytic Geometry: Calculus I
    Philosophy Of Mind
    Data Structures and Algorithms I
2011 Fall
    Applied Game Theory
    Honors Colloquium: Natural Science
    Economics of Developing Countries
    Management Principles and Concepts (Honors)
    Quatitative Business Analysis II

2012 Spring
    Intermediate Macroeconomics
    Philosophy of Law
    Marketing Principals
    International Business Practices
    Applied Econometrics

2012 Fall
    Introduction to Finance
    Principles of International Economics
    Philosophy of Religion
    Biomedical Ethics
    Computer Skills for Economic Analysis

2013 Spring
    Honors Project in Economics
    Honors Coloquium: Humanities

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