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Diego S. Hernandez

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Who I am
    I am a go-getter determined, disciplined, ambitious, energetic, self-confident, natural motivator, a leader; adjectives and qualities parallel to who I am. These words without action do not mean anything. I am action-oriented; my belief is everyone makes choices in life. Depending on the choices one makes determines if they will be better off the next day.
     I was born in Cali Colombia, South America. I came to the United States when I was two years old and became a citizen of this country when I was five. Since then I have been striving to be the best I can be and do the best in everything I can do.
    My mother, who came to this country not knowing a word of English, achieved so much in such little time. Within five years she earned a Baccalaureates degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration. I came to believe that anyone could do anything they want in this country, if they put their mind to it. Unfortunately, I am not a natural born citizen, which puts a damper on my plans for becoming president of the United States.
    I have been serving in the Army National Guard for three years, where I am a signal support specialist and a dedicated soldier. I love spending time with family, and being involved in extreme sports. A few examples of extreme sports would be parasailing, white water kayaking, wakeboarding, knee boarding, water skiing, snowboarding, Extreme Mountain biking, and mountain climbing. My goal is to live life to the fullest, form long lasting relationships, and to leave an imprint on this world.

 Educational Objectives
    My academic success began with my mother, it is due to a combination of genetics and her devotion in implementing the idea of doing the best you can do in everything you choose to do. My mother spent countless hours teaching and tutoring me when I first started school. She was making sure I learned my ABC’s, that I read all the time, and that I was proficient in mathematics. In doing this, she set me up for being the best in my class and implementing the idea. I became naturally competitive and always liked the idea of being the best I can be. The gratification and satisfaction in always getting my work done well became a norm for me and since then I have been repeating the process to get the same feeling.
    My educational objectives are simple; I will earn my Baccalaureates degree in economics. After that it depends whether I get into the masters program for economics at The University of Akron, if I do I may pursue that, if not I will go to work. In the future I will probably earn my Masters in Business Administration, whether it is earning my masters in economics or going to work. Either way I know I want some experience before earning my MBA. Analytics is an increasingly interesting subject to me; I might have the urge to pursue my master’s degree in this, if the interest continues. Overall, the point is to strategically position myself with my education in where I can get into a large firm and begin my climb to the top.

Career Objectives
My career objectives are plain and simple, than that of my educational objectives. As I stated before I will position myself with my education in a firm to begin my climb to the top. I will work very hard and learn the skills necessary to one day place me in a position and salary that I would be satisfied with. This ultimate position of mine will be Chief Executive Officer of a firm that is intelligent enough to hire me.