Hayley Roppel
Electronic Portfolio


Who I am:

    I've thought like an economist before I even knew what exactly economics was.  I am zealous in my commitment to achieve success through my education and career in the economic field.  I can continuously be counted on in terms of punctuality, commitment, organization and passion.  My thoughts and feedback can be expected to be perceived as bold and aggressive.  I am determined, in relation to my health and work ethic, to maintain personal well-being.  I have been fascinated by economic statistics in articles ranging from The New York Times to Cosmopolitan magazine.  Fascinations of my own include society’s diversity, cultural values and ethnic traditions.   I look forward to producing statistics of my own and exposing them publicly to improve the economic productivity of firms and corporations.

My Educational Objectives:

    I have valued my education highly for as long as I can remember.  My experiences at The University of Akron have emphasized that statement further than I had expected.  I have developed keen analytical skills that will drive me through any career I stumble into.  With these analytic skills, I have the knowledge and expertise in reflecting my analyses through pictures and discourse.  I have familiarity with computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Taking control of an operation or project is a position where I excel.  Transmitting information, ideas, or instruction to a group effectively is a comfortable task for me.   My curiosity is the driving force of my commitment to improving the economic status of the public and corporations around the world.  My research skills have blossomed to their fullest at my time enrolled in The University of Akron.  I have the skills to find reliable information and reprocess that information through my writings.  Not only can I reinterpret data, I can apply large scale policy thought processes into a smaller, more familiar state.  Through surveys I can communicate effectively with the public, collect data for analysis, and exert those figures to companies.

My Career Objectives:

    I look forward to publishing statistics of my own in the future.  In particular I anticipate designing surveys, reaching out to the public for response, and disseminating my research discoveries.  With my master’s degree in Economics and minor in International Business my education will be fulfilled to perform such an occupation.  It would be of great honor to be a part of the National Bureau of Economic Research team.  Their value of commitment to endorsing a better awareness of how the economy functions is in line with my values as an economist.  I am intrigued by their broad variety of statistical findings.