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-About Me-
    My name is Lowell T. Boyd III, but you can call me Trey. I was raised in a small town in Ohio called Bellville by my two parents - Tom and Darcy Boyd, with one younger sister, Sydney. I grew up playing sports and hunting the farmland that surrounded our town and my love of the outdoors never ceased to grow. I grew fond of just leaving, running more specifically, to places very few had found (on purpose, anyways). To this day I still consider the art of trail running my highest ranking hobby and relate many of the skills I have developed and honed on the trails to qualities needed to succeed in life. It is these qualities suich as determination, mental grit, self-awareness, and the need for discovery that I believe I can take from my roots and translate to the business world and prove of high value to any interested employer.

-My Educational Objectives-

   I have recently graduated from the college of arts and sciences with an honors degree in Economics and a minor in Supply Chain Management and Operations. Despite a change in major, I was still able to do so in only 4 years and can easily say this was due to the amount of positive pressure that was placed upon myself because of and through the economics program here at the University of Akron. I graduated with 3.5 GPA and plan on attending graduate school, likely at the University of Akron, later down the road when my career path deems this necessary and I establish myself in a position that will allow my college to be paid by my employer.

-My Career Objectives-

  My outlook on life past graduate school is broad. On one hand, I believe this is good as it keeps my horizons open to any of many opportunities that I may come across. On the other, I know that I must begin to specialize in order to become as effective I can to an interested firm. This being said, I plan on utilizing my specific field of study within the boundaries of Economics to it's fullest potential down whichever road I choose. As of now, I am increasingly interested in the field of economic consulting for several reasons. I'm also quite interested in the occupation of an economist in the private sector. Whether this pursuit will take place before or after my graduate schooling is unknown. If after my formal education, then either position will most likely be taken in the vicinity of the university I am attending to due advantageous networking in and around the area.