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Who am I?

            I am Mitchell Upp. I am starting my college career as a sophomore at the University of Akron studying economics, after graduating with honors from Norton High School.

Personal Educational Objectives

            My personal educational objectives include earning a degree in economics with a minor in finance from the University of Akron. Since I got a head start in college from post-secondary classes in high school, I should be able to graduate early, in 2014.

            Using money from scholarships, personal funds, and careful financial management, I also plan on graduating college with little or no debt. By avoiding debt, I plan to get a head start on my career by avoiding being caught in costly student loan payments.


Personal Career Objectives

            My personal career objectives include getting a job in investment analysis. I want to work with stocks. I find the stock market fascinating, so I would like to focus my studies in that. Both my economics major and my finance minor will help me pursue this goal.