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Ryan Robinson
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Ryan Robinson

Educational Objectives

In my opinion, education is the best investment that one can make in his or her life. I deeply value the education I am receiving at the University of Akron and want to push my self to become the best possible scholar that I can be. In order to do so, I have set out to accomplish multiple objectives in my time at Akron University. One goal of mine is to complete my undergraduate degree in four years of time with two degrees, one in Business Administration and the other in Economics. Another objective of mine is to stay enrolled in the University’s Honors Program which pushes students to strive for excellence and complete rigorous academic guidelines. Aside from just graduating, I would also like to do so with a GPA of 3.5 or higher which will prove difficult, however it is a worthy undertaking seeing how a GPA is the first impression for many employers. My most important objective is to gain legitimate knowledge from the time spent completing my degree at the University of Akron. A lot of students will learn subject material just so they can pass a test, but I want something different. I want to learn crucial skills and knowledge that I can take with me and apply someday to a job. I want to learn from mistakes and errors on tests so that I can become a stronger, smarter student. Overall, I want to learn so that I can become an expert in my field of study and so that I can have a career in my field, not just a job.

Career Objectives

Generally, the future is a very unsure subject for many of the currently enrolled students. I do not know the exact path that time will direct me in, however, I do know the career objectives that I would like to complete in regards to the future. In the most immediate future, I would like to graduate with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Economics. Upon successful attainment of my degrees I have two separate options in mind regarding my career. One option is to immediately enroll into Law School and become a lawyer or my second option would be to launch my career as an economist. Either way I would be happy and strive to succeed in whatever my current role may be, whether it is the role of a student or of a working professional. My dream job would involve working with some type of professional sports team and applying my knowledge to help them succeed in some way shape or form. I am a very driven, hardworking, and ambitious student who looks forward to whatever the challenges of the future may bring.