Ryan Bayonnet
Electronic Portfolio

Who am I?

My name is Ryan Bayonnet and I am a senior at the University of Akron.  I am a part of the University of Akron Choose Ohio First Scholars and a member of many clubs including The Economics Club and FPA.  I graduated in 2010 from Green High School; I entered the University of Akron beginning my undergraduate degree in Biology, later changing to economics after I understood my intrests.

Educational Objectives

Starting my collegiate studies as I biology major I had hoped to attend physical therapy school.  After a year of this major I decided it wasn’t for me. My sophomore year I decided to change my career objectives, I came to the conclusion I had wanted to attend business school so I needed to begin looking for a major that best suited me and my hopeful career.  After much research one major that stood out was economics.  After taking Principles of Microeconomics in the Spring of 2012, I found a major I knew I loved and was interested in.  It combined many great aspects I was looking for in a major, math, history, and current events.  I knew it was the major for me.
            I am currently an economics major with financial services minor, graduating in May 2014. In Fall 2014 I plan to attend the Specalized Masters in Finance program at The Ohio State University.  My education is very important in this economy, making this is a vital decision in my life.  I have seen several friends and relatives exit college and struggle to find a job in the career they studied in.  After continuing research I hope to acquire a job in a position that interests me, and fits my personal criteria.

Career Objectives
            I hope to find a career that fits my needs.  One that would challenge my intellect, utilize my focus, work with my education, and stimulate me daily. Finding a position which challenges me will hopefully make sure that I will continue to use my mind to maximize my goals.  I hope to find a career that will benefit me personally, the knowledge I will learn as an economics major will help me support a family in the future.  My minor in finance will help me invest and control my finances to develop a stable family.