Sydney Martis's
Electronic Portfolio

My Proficiencies

Who I am:

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mother encouraged me to volunteer at the Salvation Army’s Learning Zone in Painesville, Ohio as an after-school tutor, peer mentor and language coach for minority, elementary school children. As I began to develop a more personal relationship with these children, I discovered that they came from homes with parents who worked all hours of the day, spoke broken English, and could hardly support their families. I could see that the low-income status of these children was detrimental to their behavior and most importantly, their success in school. This experience sparked my interest in issues related to poverty, both in my own community and in cities. I discovered my passion for poverty reduction which motivated me to major in Economics to
reach my future goal of working to better the lives of others.  I have chosen to compliment my Economics major coursework with classes in Political Science, Business and Geographic Information Systems in order to achieve a more rounded undergraduate education. For the past year I worked for the City of Akron as an Economic Development Aide. I have had the chance to gather, organize and present data and explore industry indicators. I have completed a comprehensive report on the economic impact of a minimum wage increase, studied the feasibility of increasing downtown housing, and conducted detailed research on Akron’s economic conditions which I then communicated by means of presenting to the staff. I have successfully balanced this position with another job and a full course load while making deadlines.

My Educational Objectives:

I graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics in May 2015.  I now desire to continue my education through graduate study to receive a Master's in City Planning with a concentration in Economic Development at an American Planning Association certified institution in order to gain further knowledge and insight on the best way to better the urban areas in the US.

My Career Objectives:

Upon graduation I hope to work for the government at the municipal level and eventually move toward working in the nonprofit sector at a community development corporation.