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Stephanie Harford
Economic Portfolio

The University of Akron

About Me

I am a student at the University of Akron. I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Scott Community College in Bettendorf, IA. I am an operations representative intern CH Robinson Worldwide, a leading 3rd party transportation logistics company. My hobbies include reading books and blogs, writing short stories and poetry, cooking, cake decorating, and making DIY craft projects. I am interested in finding a new career that will challenge my mind on a more consistent basis.

My Educational Objectives

I originally chose to become an Econ major because of the book Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.  After taking some of the courses within the major, however, I found that I was very interested in the subject. In addition to the BA in economics, I am adding a minor in Professional Writing. I feel that it will enhance the Economics degree by showing that I am able to not only find and analyze data, but also communicate it to others effectively.

My Career Objectives

Perhaps unlike some of my peers, I decided to pursue Economics as my course of study not because I want a particular career in the Economics field, but because I'm interested in a lot of fields. I am considering pursuing a Master's degree at some point, and I feel that my Economics background will help immensely, regardless of the field I choose. Human Resources, Logistics, and Finance are all fields that interest me, but it is my particular aspiration to someday work for a financial or economic publication, such as The Economist.