Professional_Headshot Richard Schramm
Electronic Portfolio


Educational Objectives
    I am pursuing a double degree in International Business and Economics. I added Economics sophomore year as a a second major in order to be able to interpret economic data for my own personal finance decisions but also later on in solving strategic business problems. Until my graduation I want to get further insight in International Economics, the domestic labor market, and how government policies affect short- and long-term financial planning. I will graduate in Spring 2014 with a Bachelor in International Business and Economics with an Honors certificate.

Career Objectives
    After graduating with a Bachelor degree, I want to start my Master degree in Buiness. Ideally, I would like to find a German car company in the United States to work for at the same time. This would help me financing the Master degree and I simultaneously gain valuable experience with the company in an international context. I am willing to travel for a job and explore new environments. For the time of my Master degree and a couple of years after I want to stay in the United States and possibly attain citizenship. I already demonstrated my ability to adapt to a new culture by travelling from Germany to the United State of America to study for more than three years. Changing environments are a challenge and motivation for me that I want to exploit!