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    I'm an avid learner, and an industrious worker. I
find immense satisfaction in learning, and mastering new

    I worked at Best Buy during one of the deepest
recessions ourcountry has ever seen. I experienced first
hand the high pressure, results driven environment of retail.
Working in such an environment taught me the importance of
keeping a clear head, and never losing sight of our goal,
making sure customers walked out satisfied. In such a
turbulent economic environment, maintaining our customer base
was key to survival. Throughout the recession a big drain on
our profitability was the growing inventory of "open box" or
returned items. I developed, and implemented a system within
my department to reduce this inventory, and manage the risk.
I created packaged deals which included "open box" items,
paired with high margin accessories. By selling the customer
a complete package, we could insure the customer got the full
solution they were seeking (at a reasonable price), and that
we maximized our profit on this risky inventory. The system
was later implemented throughout our store.

    While working at the Flats Industrial Railroad (FIR),
I have not only learned the value of hard work, but gained
insight to a niche industry. The FIR has 3 employees, and a
gross annual revenue under 4 million dollars. Through working
at such a small railroad, I've learned about many facets of
small business, and developed an omniscient perspective of
how the rail industry operates.

    I plan on pursuing a career in the banking industry,
and I look forward learning as much as I can from everyone I
meet along the way!

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