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About Me:
I'm a student at the university of Akron working on my B.A. in Economics and I'm currently working at small cleaning company. I love to cook, and would some day like to own a resturant. My hobbies inclue reading, writing, playing chess when I have the opportunity.

My Educational Objectives:
I decided upon a major in economics after several years of college, I took an introduction nto micro economics class and thoroughly enjoyed it. After that I continued to take economics classes and decided to major in it. A major in economics may not be ideal for what I would like to do later on in life, but I'm able to tolerate the courses and thatis something that I can't say about the major I had before economics.

Career Objectives:

 Ideally I would like to graduate with a BA in Economics work for a few years in the administration and managerial side of the resturant bussiness before opening up my own resturant. I was a cook at chipotle for several years and really enjoyed it, and I got quite competent at multitasking and having awareness of everything thats going on in the kitchen, so I feel like once I master the other aspect of it I would be quite able to manage my own establishment