Jonathan Masch's Economic Portfolio
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    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to review my economic Portfolio.  I am a junior at the University of Akron currently working on a B.A. for Economics.  I have a strong desire to learn and understand the fundementals of economics, and pursue this knowledge in my every day life.  I currently work for a pizza delivery company to help support myself in school.  When I'm not working or studying, I enjoy playing bass guitar and traveling to see new things. 

Classes I have Taken (Related to Economics):
    Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Computer Skills for Economic Analysis, Economics of Developing Countries, Sports Economics, Urban Economics, Economics of the Public Sector, Senior Project in Economics

My Educational Objectives:
    Maintain a high gpa average across my economics classes, as well as my second major in history.  Furthermore, using my education to better myself through carrer opportunities and to have a better understanding of the world around me.

My Career Objectives:

     I plan to pursue a full time career in business after I have recieved a masters degree in Business Administration.  Before this happens, I wish to work part time in something economically related, where I can use my SAS certification in Economic Data Analysis.  Currently I work in sales for AT&T.

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