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Matthew Hughes' Economic Portfolio
University of Akron
Educational Goals:
     My plans are to attain a BA degree in Economics, and a BS/MS degree in Applied Mathematics, which should be completed by the end of the Spring 2016 semester. I always strive to maintain high grades while obtaining as much information and understanding about the fields of Economics and Mathematics as possible. This will allow me to pursue a career that will combine the two fields. In the end, I hope to learn valuable research and writing skills that will help me achieve any goals I have set out for myself.

Career Goals:
     In terms of career goals, I am hoping to get a steady job doing something that merges Mathematics and Economics together. If an opportunity to do research in these fields, such as with Game Theory, I would be open to participating in such research in order to use my skills and education to the fullest. As for specifics, I am still unsure about where and with whom I want to work; there is not a strict time constraint as of right now, so I want to keep my options open to make sure I find a career that I want to be in for the rest of my life. I want to be one of those people who is able to find answers to difficult questions and connect the seemingly unrelated. My career goals will allow me to do that.

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