Economic Writings

Michael Murawski
Economist + Political Scientist

Who am I?

Honors student at the University of Akron, double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Innovative and highly motivated. Looking to expand career opportunities. Focused on preparing for graduate school. Excellent listening and written communication skills Organized and flexible. Committed to quality and excellence.

Career objective
Use my theoretical knowledge and quantitative skills to work in either academia or government conducting research in the area of political science or public policy, respectively.

Educational objective
Obtain a strong theoretical foundation in economics. Become proficient in the skills of an economist, including
data retrieval, economic modeling,  numerical and statistical analysis, and interpreting existing knowledge.  Become proficient in the skills of a polical scientist, including writing and communication skills, critical thinking and logic based reasoning, knoweldge and understanding of political structures, reading comprehension, and data retrieval.

For More Information Contact  mdm108@zips.uakron.edu
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