Ryan Vrabec's Economic Portfolio
My Proficiencies
Economic Writings

                        Who Am I?

I am a dedicated, responsible and reliable worker with experience in the manufacturing sector. I have an advanced education in economics and history and have the ability to read, process, critically think and finally output viable and useful thoughts in relation to data and materials that are given to me.

My Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree in Economics and History, I plan on entering the workforce to obtain experience before moving forward to my future education at graduate school. My further educational objectives would be to obtain another bachelors degree in engineering as well as a master’s degree in economics.

My Career Objectives

Upon obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I would like to enter the workforce and become a market analyst. Later in my career, after gaining a more advanced education I would like to eventually become a head market analyst or corporate executive within a Fortune 500 company.

For more information contact me at rdv7@zips.uakron.edu