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Who I am?

My name is Tai Tan Huynh. I grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have lived in the United States since late 2010. My hobbies are travelling, photographing, cooking and selling products online.

My Educational Objectives

My main goal for education is to obtain a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. I would like to analyze economic problems with the view of a good economist. I would like to apply what I learn about economics to daily life. 

My Career Objectives

After graduating, I would like to work for either international companies or investment banks for several years in order to gain experience and then go back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I believe that having a good understanding of economics and apply it effectively can make the world a better place. After that I would like to become a restaurant owner and trade international products.   

For more information contact me at th56@zips.uakron.edu