Carlee McCowin's Student Portfolio

Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Akron

About Me

I am currently a senior at the University of Akron, graduating in the spring with a Bachelor's of Science Degreee in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry.  I am part of the Honors College at the university, and am actively involved with several organizations on campus.  I am a memeber of the American Institution of Chemical Engineers and Women in Engineering.  Along with school, I am employeed part-time at Alttran, a custom rubber manufacturing consultation company.  Working here, I am able to formulate, mix, test, and improve upon rubber compounds that are used for final goods.

Academic Goals
Following my graduation, I am striving to go to graduate school to further my education.  The nature of my research is undetermined at this point.  I am hopeful that more career experience will allow me to choose the best path for graduate school in the near future.

Career Goals
My current career goals include creating a system of projects at my company that help to keep employees on track and moving forward.  It is desired that this system allow us to expand greatly in the future and be able to complete more research and developement.  Also, I am striving to have a leadership role at Alttran in the next five years.  I am striving to create the best rubber compounds to meet our customer's needs.