David Dietrich's Student Portfolio

                Department of Economics, The University of Akron


About Me
Hello, My name is David Dietrich and I am currently a student at the University of Akron.  At the University of Akron I am currently persuing a B.A. in Economics and well as working towards a second major in History. I have always had a great interest in both of there subjects and hope that I will be able to finish these dergees by the 2016 Spring Semester.

My Career Goals
My career goals are not set in stone at this point in my life. I do though have some ideas on some possible career goals that I have. One Career goal that I have is I want to join a non-profit origination and help them in the management of their group. The other career goal that I have is to after my undergraduate degree work toward a degree in law. In this my hope is that I can focus my study in law on business law and work for a company with their legal matters.

My Educational Goals

My educational goals are that first and for most I graduate from the University of Akron with a double major in economics and history. I hope that with this I graduate with at the least and 3.3 GPA and am able to leave with great knowledge on these two subjects. After this I hope that someday I can attend graduate school. With this I have two paths that I consider taking. My first option is to pursue a MBA and then use that to work for a non-profit company and help in their management. My second option is that I pursue a degree in Law. Apart from my ungraduated goal these are not set in stone.

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