Department of Economics, The University of Akron

John Thomas Sulik Jr.

About Me

My name is John Thomas Sulik Jr. I am the son of John Thomas Sulik Sr. and Susan Ann Sulik (1967-2009) and brother to Sam Andrew Sulik. I am currently majoring in Psychology with a Second Major in Economics at the University of Akron. I also have two minors in Spanish and Business Administration. I am active in the Boy Scouts of America Troop 475 in Streetsboro, OH and I am also active in the University of Akron Marching Band. My intended date of graduation is May of 2015.

Educational Goals

There are a few educational goals I wish to achieve prior to my entrance into the working world. First and foremost, I wish to finish my undergraduate studies at the University of Akron. I currently have a 3.85 GPA and intend on maintaining my GPA at this level or higher until I graduate. Proceeding my undergraduate studies, I aim to continue my education into law school. My main area of focus will be in corporate/business law and I am currently looking into three different schools: Arizona Summit State University, Florida Coastal School of Law and the University of Akron. My goal throughout law school is to maintain a GPA over 3.5 as I have in my undergraduate studies and diversify myself in as much content as I can.

Career Goals

The goals I have set out for myself throughout my life have been directed by my educational experiences. Following law school, I wish to begin practicing law at a firm in Northeast Ohio. By the end of my career, I would like to be working for an international corporation, however my beginning experiences are not as vital to this goal. I would also like to own and operate a law firm later in my career life and become an investor in some of the businesses I will have worked with throughout my life. After retiring, I would love to work as a part-time translator for an international corporation and travel the world assisting them in their global business operations.