Ladji A. Bamba

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About Me

Hello! My name is Ladji Bamba. I am a junior student majoring in economics. Originally from Ivory Coast, I came in the United Stated in 2012 to pursue my higher education. I completed an Associate degree in Economics in Salt Lake City, Utah, before transferring in The University of Akron.  I currently anticipate graduating  in the Fall semester of 2016.
My educational Objectives? I plan on completing a master degree in economics in order to explore more aspects of the subject and at the same time acquire practical analytic skills, which could differentiate me in the job markets. But before that, I would like to put in practice my bachelor degree and get familiar with the business world, while acquiring some experience.
In the long term, I plan on returning in my country and apply my knowledge to the economy health of my nation. My dream is to see the whole Africa united as one nation with a stronger economy.