Sam Eilenfeld's Economic Portfolio  
The University of Akron, Economics Department

About Me
My name is Sam Eilenfeld, currently I am a sophomore Economics student at The University of Akron. While persuing my bacholers degree in Economics I am also looking to minor in Sales.
Recently I have begain working as a Sales Assistant for Fastenal an industrial supplier for manufacturing companies throughout the United States. There I will learn
sales techniques to help me in the future. On campus I am active in the greek community by serving as acting Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Career Goals
After graduation I plan on using my experience and knowledge to begin my career in investing. Using the tools and knowledge given to me by the Economics Department at The University of Akron.
 Eventually I hope to move to Cleveland and excel in the data analytic field to help me in the future while working for an investment firm.

Educational Goals

In the Spring of 2018 I plan to graduate from The University of Akron with my bacholers degree in Economics. I will build upon my knowledge from now until then,
learning more about my degree and how it can help me in the future.
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