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My name is Anthony Senick and I am a sophomore economics and political science major  at the University of Akron.

My Educational Objectives

My main educational goal is to perform well enough in school to gain admission to a quality law school. To accomplish this goal, my more specific academic goal is to graduate with an honors degree in both of my majors, and to have a high GPA. I also want to gain (on top of a high GPA) a solid understanding of the material my majors have to offer, so that once I get to law school and beyond I can competently perform the tasks that are needed of me.

My Career Objectives

My current career goal is to become a highly respected corporate attorney. My current plan to achieve this goal is upon graduation of law school, I would like to work as a lawyer in the private sector, possibly working as legal counsel for a large corporation. This would allow me to incorporate the business knowledge I will have learned in my undergraduate experience along with the law experience I will gain in law school. Once I have well established myself in my career and the community I work in, I may then consider running for a public office. I also realize that as my college education increases, I may realize there are different opportunities in the legal workforce than I do now, so I intend to be open to new venues should they present themselves.