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My Educational Goals:

    Education is perhaps the most important key to success in the modern world and I have treated my education as such. I have set goals for my educations since the time I was in grade school, and nothing has changed since entering college. One goal of mine is to finish my undergraduate with a bachelor's degree in economics and a minor in pre-law. Ideally I would like to graduate school with a 3.5 gpa or higher. I have taken many classes in economics and pre-law and have always tried to give these classes my best effort. After, undergrad I am currently looking into two opitions. The first of which is going to law school which will require a lot of effort and time, but I am more than willing to put in the effort to further my education. My second option would be to go to graduate school for economics. I would most likely attend The University of Akron for economic grad school. I know that either route will be challenging, but I look forward to these future challenges and will face them with the same determination I have faced school with this far.

My Career Goals:

    I know that the future is unceratin and can change at anytime, but I have already made my determination on what I want to be doing when the future comes. Once school is over and all my grades, projects, and papers have all been submitted I would like to be able to call myself a lawyer. My goal is to become a lawyer preferably in some sort of corprate background, because of my background being in economics. I would either like to work in a law firm representing various companies, or I would like to work as a labor lawyer and help with things like contract negotiations. Another interest of mine is in politics, and I can't totally rule out the possiblity that I would like to pursue a position in the government. Even with the future being uncertain I am certain in that these are the goals I am going to pursue and these are the goals I am going to complete.