James P. Imhoff

 Economic Portfolio

My Educational Objectives

My name is James Imhoff and I am an Economics major in my junior year at The University of Akron. My Freshman and Sophomore years were spent as a Chemical Engineering major, therefore, this is my first year in the program. My goal is to recieve a Bachelors of the Arts in Economics and from there obtain my Masters degree or go on to law school, hopefully at The University of Akron as well. Along with an Economics degree, I also plan on graduating with a major in Mathematics

My Career Objectives

After graduating with my Economics Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of Akron there are two potential paths that I am interested. The first path is going directly from undergraduate studies to graduate school at the university. The other path is to go into law school. If I was to go into law school, the field of practicing law that interests me the most is Environmental Law. If I go the graduate school route, after achieving my masters I hope to become a market analyst or economic consultant.