Nicholas K. Chura
Student Portfolio

About Me
I am a sophomore at the University of Akron, double majoring in Economics and International Business. I am from St. Louis, Missouri, but I have lived in Akron since 2005. I am fluent in Lithuanian language, have taken 4 years of Spanish, and I am currently in Intermediate German.

Educational Objectives
In the next years of my educational career, I plan to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and in International Business. This will include a semester studying abroad in Europe (Fall of 2017) and completetion of a Senior Project in Economics (Spring 2018).

Upon completing these Bachelor's Degrees, I plan to earn an MBA in Economics or a Master's Degree in Economics at a university in Europe.

Career Objectives
In the future, I hope to find a career at a bank, airline, or other large company in Vilnius, Lithuania, applying my skills in Economics in a business environment.