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My name is Sean Poholski and I am currently finishing my senior year at the University of Akron where I am pursuing a degree in financial services. Please continue reading to find out more information about my educational and career goals.

My Educational Objectives

I have always had strong desire to learn and perform while in school to the best of my abilities. I will be entering my final semester of undergrad next semester, so I hope to continue my tract record of academic excellence for the next several months. Even as my formal undergraduate learning comes to an end, I hope my life will continue to be filled with learning through other experiences both in the work place and beyond. Throughout my education I have put my best foot forward to not only learn by being present and participating in the classroom, but also by partaking in  multiple internships at the University of Akron, Valmark Securities, and First Merit over the past three years. The real world applications that I have been able to apply to my education has been something that has helped define who I have become and had a tremendous impact on my understanding of how the financial industry works. After a few years in the financial field I hope to either pursue a master’s degree in finance or pursue my CFA designation.

My Career Objectives

In a few months I hope to obtain a job as an analyst or researcher working with an investment firm or in the asset management/investment division of a bank. With my past internship experiences I have been fortunate to learn what parts of the industry I enjoy, and I know that I would like to focus on the money management side of things as opposed to an advisory role. I believe in taking a highly analytical approach to situations feel that my strengths are considering multiple variables in various situations. After a few years working as an analyst  I would like to obtain either a master’s degree or my CFA designation and move to a money management position such as a portfolio manager either for a smaller firm or as part of a larger organization. I have always thought that my intended path was a little bit like learning to be a botanist before a farmer in the sense that I want to learn how and why certain industries grow and become profitable before I decide how to bes allocate funds. One of my passions is the enviorment so I would perhaps one day like to either work with or create an enviormentally responsible and profitable fund or portfolio

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