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My Educational Objectives

During my time at the University of Akron, I plan on obtaining a B.S. in Labor Economics.  In doing so, I hope to develop analytical skills that will allow me to pursue further studies in law school upon my graduation.  I also will study towards a minor in political science (pre law) to go along with my studies in economics.  On top of these degrees, I want to come out of my undergraduate studies with a better grasp of the outside world and ideas there within.  I plan on achieving this goal by taking a diverse course load of classes outside of economics and political science. 

Career Objectives

Upon my completion of law school, I want to practice law in the public interest sector.  I am certain that I do not want to work for a large firm that requires hourly billing and often a sacrifice of personal life.  I do not want my profession to define me.  I want law to be an important portion of my life but I do not want it to consume my existence.  I want to continue to have time for friends and triathlon outside of my career.